Chickadee in the woods.


Chickadee flier.



Foggy morning view


Moody Gelert Road


Chickadee in black and white


Chickadee in hand


Compton tortoiseshell


Tree in Head Lake Park


Red squirrel in the summer


Tree shadows on the snow


Black and white garlic


Curious fox


Bumblebee in the flowers


Two tulips


Two spoons


Red squirrel waiting for spring


Cosmos colours


Chickadee in flight


Grey squirrel by the tree


Chipmunk splits


A sunny sunflower


Downy woodpecker on the tree


Downy woodpecker in the winter


Hummingbird flying by


Red squirrel checking out the camera


Goldfinch checking out the camera


Milkweed flowers with a monarch butterfly


Monarch on the milkweed


Goldfinch in the summer


Goldfinch balancing act


Purple finch posing on a branch



Woodpecker posing on a tree


Red squirrel up in the tree


Woodpecker looking away


Goldfinch looking down for food


Peek a boo red squirrel


Dinnertime with the red squirrel


Chipmunk grabbing a snack


Curious hummingbird


Chickadee in the forest


Barred owl in the trees


Chickadee flying


Chickadee in the trees


Dog in the snow


Black and white bluejay
Bootsteps in the snow


Maple sap buckets in the snow


Birch trees in the snow


Chickadee spotlight


Bluejay highlight


Trees in the sky


Cosmos in the garden


Comfy Squirrel


Woodpecker in the tree
Black and white tree at Head Lake Park


Curious Chipmunk
Maple leaf colours


Maple leaf black and white


Cheeky chickadee


Chickadee in flight


Red squirrel in the fall


Fall reflections


Bluejay in the wood


Chickadee in the fall


Fall colours in Haliburton


Gelert Road fall colours


Chickadee on a wire


September Sunflower


Skyline Park fall colours


Chickadee moment


Gelert Road fall splendor


Snowdon Park fall beauty


Haliburton in the fall


Snowdon Park fall landscape


Fall colours in the Highlands
Hungry red squirrel


Pick me – red squirrel


Burnt River Perspective
Misty Gelert Road
Black and white Calendula


Bee in the milkweeds


Dinner time with the deer


Black-eyed Susan close-up


Lavender flowers
Grasshopper moment


Rhubarb leaves


Flowers in the garden


South Lake Road perspective


Mushroom in the forest


Snowdon Park landscape


Black and white daisy
Cosmos mood
Black and white dragonfly


Red squirrel perched


Black and white butterfly
Butterfly in the spring
Hummingbird in the window
Rhubarb flower
Spring blossoms
Crab-apple blossoms
Rose in black and white
Butterfly gathering
Bee in the blossoms
Dragonfly resting
Black and white fern


Red squirrel moment
Purple finch on a branch
Grouse in comfy camouflage
Black and white water in snow
Red squirrel on the forest floor
Reflections of the trees


Curled maple leaf


Red squirrel having his say
Puddle reflections
Maple leaf reflections in the snow


Goldfinch in the winter


Red squirrel begging in the snow


Abstract green ferns


Common redpole in black and white


Maple syrup fire reflections


Black and white puddle reflections


Bee on a sunflower


Nuthatch snacking


Barred owl in the summertime